Hello, friend!

My name is Henri Aalto and I am a guitar teacher from Vaasa, Finland. I have over 25 years of guitar teaching experience. I have taught hundreds, probably thousands of students during my years as a guitar teacher. Many of those students are now professional musicians. My work experience has showed me what works out for the students at what doesn’t work so well.

Family Guy

I am a married family father - a regular family guy with two children and I love to play musical instruments with them! We also like to do some other family activities like going to swim or play computer games together!

Is modern technology always good for you?

I think that nowadays it is too easy to just copy others playing styles and licks due to the technology and ‘app age’.  I like to encourage students to find them selves and their own playing styles, to learn music theory and develop their ears to Listen. Not only to become a copy cat! There is no huge artistic value to become a ‘copy painter’. But if you create your own art, your own music - that is the most satisfying road to travel! Therefore, my teaching methods I have developed doesn’t follow any of musical trends. My methods have their own roots deeply in music theory, and those methods lasts!

"Follow  the Trends" - NOT!

When I studied music back in the days, I was told to follow the trends in music and art. I refused. Instead of that I ‘found’ myself by playing the guitar in my own way. I always encourage the students to keep their own head and hence to find Their own way to play the guitar (or any other instrument): Learn the theory and apply it to the instrument. That means a full understanding of the musical theoretic things on the guitar. Find and play your instrument in a way that clicks with your heart. Find yourself, your way of playing the instrument! That’s what makes the journey interesting and gratifying! That is also the main reason I love to teach, to help students find their own way. I am here to help you find those things together with you!

My Own Way

That’s what my heart is burning for: Guitar, music and the will to share what I have learned on my decades of playing. And by the way – I am still learning the instrument myself, everyday 😊

Best and Caring Regards