Henri is an incredibly creative guitarist with an astonishing technique. Not only he is a talented musician, but he’s also a great teacher. Henri helped me to develop my technique to professional level.


Jukka Launonen – Freelance musician/ Guitar instructor

Guitarist with skills and passion for playing

Henri is a highly skilled guitarist and composer who succeeds in transferring his passion for music and playing to his students in the most inspiring way! I wish him all success in his ongoing career!!

Ann Slangar, CEO
Sugar House Publishing Inc.

Ann Slangar

Learn from one of the best.

I first heard Henri on the site Fandalism for musicians.  I was looking for guitarists to collaborate with on my productions,   Henri Stood out as one of those exceptionally talented players. 


In working with Henri I found him to be a thoughtful and intuitive player.  His interpretations were evenly matched with technical prowess and soul. 


If you want to learn to play the guitar or just want to improve your skills, Henri is your guy.  Learn from one of the best.


Chris Reid


As a student of both

As a student of both Henri and music in general I would nothave found my passion without Henri. His playing is phenomenal and his technique seems to never stop evolving, which is quite inspiring. From my own experience I’ve never felt bored or stressed out with Henri since his knowlege and mastery of guitar and music is on such a high level he helps students evolve simce he knows how to solve a players playing issues. And all while maintaining a humble kind hearted spirit who never really demands you to do his homework. He helps you where ever you are and has no big trouble playing different styles, all from blues rock and jazz to metal, acoustic and even fusion shred playing. So to sum up Henri is that the variety is huge and you won’t find yourself in a rut with this guy.


Kevin Alexander Slangar

Henri Aalto – The Monster Axe Wielder … and super Teacher.

Henri is an outstanding guitarist and a pleasure to work with.
An inspiration to many and a great performer.
Henri will give you the keys to unlock the doors of potential.
A terrific talent and teacher.
A fountain of knowledge and a library of guitar tricks. He is one of the best musicians I have ever worked with .
Not only does he play to a high standard, he can show you how it is done.
Learn with Henri. He has the gift .

James Noble ...aka " The Flying Scotsman ".

Efter att ha bevittnat H.

Efter att ha bevittnat H. Aaltos utveckling år efter år får man konstatera att han besitter en talang och musikalitet av sällan skådat slag. En perfekt lärare för alla som har det minsta intresse av gitarrspel oberoende av changer. Vasas egen Steve Vai.

Nilz Tuomela

A fantastic guitar player and teacher.

A couple of years ago Henri was my guitar teacher and band leader. As a guitar player Henri is very talented and masters soloing techniques like sweeping, tapping and virtuoso playing in the style of guitar players like Steve Vai and many more. If you want to get better at playing the guitar Henri is your guy. It doesn’t matter what style you’re into, if you’ve just got started playing the guitar or if you’re playing on a more advanced level, he’ll be able to help you improve.

Fredrik Fagerström

Great guitar artist and guitar playing teacher

I have been following Henri’s work as a guitar artist, band leader and guitar playing teacher. I made a custom guitar for him last December and therefore I have been very interested how he uses new tool in his daily work. What I have learned he has all the knowledge and skills to build great guitar lessons from simple start level to very advanced level. He has also expanded a lot my personal view to guitar playing world.

Taisto Heinonen

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