Guitar chords 1 – How to play guitar chords?

This video lesson teaches you how to play guitar chords:

  • Learn how to play easy guitar chords!
  • The 5 basic major chords: D, A, E, G, C and F
  • How to read chord charts
  • Rhythm guitar
  • basic strumming patterns and exercises
  • How to fret and play clean sounding chords
  • How to strum and play the song Rocking all over the world in D- major


Download chord chart: 

Download “Guitar chords 1 - major chords chart” Guitar-chords-1-major-chords.pdf – Downloaded 278 times – 71 KB



Best Regards Henri

PS. Please feel free to leave your comments, and let me know if you have any questions?

Remember to practise and play whenever you have time for that. It will make you proceed:-)!

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