4 Tips from the pros for better picking

This video lesson teaches you how to pick and:

  • The understanding of basic rhythms such as: quarter notes, 8th notes, 8th notes triplets and 16th        
  • scale knowledge: E (aeolian) natural minor
  • Picking techniques
  • Picking hand placements
  • An innovative way to hold the pick which increases the upwards stroke's strength drastically
  • A speed development method and accuracy for both hands ( fretting hand and picking)

An additional speed training method:

Start on a medium slow speed on your metronome. Play the desired exercise at this specific tempo, until you can perform it flawless! When you are capable of that, raise the tempo 1-2 Bpm and repeat! At every new tempo do the same steps! When practiced over an amount of time ( that varies from person to person and depending on the amount of time spent) your are going to be able to play faster!

Download “TABs- 4 tips from the pros for better picking LESSON” 4-tips-from-the-pros-for-better-picking.pdf – Downloaded 241 times – 250 KB

Here is also an example of how to pick while improvising. This was filmed when I got my new guitar and I was pretty excited:) Henri Aalto - First hours with V25-FR ECM guitar

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4 Tips from the pros for better picking

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