How to Play the Guitar? First steps!

How to Play the Guitar? First steps!

This video lesson (below the text) tells you
  1. What are the names of the 6 strings and how to tune the guitar?
  2. How to learn a correct way to hold the pick (plectrum)?
  3. How to pick (Step 1: Pick in a downwards motion)?
  4. How to fret a note with your left hand fingers? This enables you to play your first notes on the guitar by fretting with the left hand and picking the notes with the right hand.
  5. How to place your left hand’s thumb behind the guitar's neck, so that is maximally beneficial!
  6. How to learn the first steps on how to fret and play tones out of your guitar!

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Have a great time with your guitar!


P.S What was the most difficult part when you started to play the guitar? Please comment or ask a question below the video!

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